Friday, 16 July 2010

Oh Well

So, I had a little jaunt to hospital on Wednesday. I don't remember a thing about it and I've lost yesterday too. No bad thing, just a little weird. It's not like memory loss from alcohol or illicit substances. Anyway, I've got a set of results in my grubby paw so at least I know what's going on.

To be perfectly honest I don't care very much about what's wrong. More medication, another test to be done (this time under GA) and then surgery to follow. I don't have a treatment plan for the other issue yet but I'm guessing that'll be a second surgery for the same problem as before.

It's almost funny. I probably need two separate operations and I know fine well that it'll be two different appointments and admissions for those. I don't totally get why the NHS can't have some system by which the two operations are done at the same time and the investigation I need under the GA in that same slot. Surely, that'd save money, time and effort?

Got to confess, I feel more than slightly guilty about all of the resources I'm taking from the NHS. Factor in all the drugs, tests, appointments, scans and various other bits and pieces and they must be spending an absolute fortune on me. Who am I to take all of that and not give anything back? There are so many people on waiting lists and yet here I am taking up all that time and money. I'm not even allowed to donate blood because the Blood Transfusion Service keep saying no.

I get totally confused by the blood grouping system so I can't even talk about any of it. My biology isn't too crash hot when it comes to remembering letters and what they mean. Strange because I memorised the Periodic Table with ease and can still remember most of it now.

Ok, I'm starting to meander so will sign off just now.

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