Monday, 12 July 2010

Blasts From The Past

Can I just start by saying "thank you" for the comments that have been left on my witterings so far? I logged in this evening and saw that comments have been left and to be honest it sort of made my day:)

My blast from the past for today is a new Soda Stream machine being advertised on television. Having been a child when the original soda stream was all the rage I find myself wondering whether this brand spanking new one will live up to my fond memories of the original. I shouldn't have thought I'll be buying one, I'm really not into kitchen gadgets but if anyone I know happens to invest then I'll be trying it out for comparison. Apparently, it was the herald of the soda stream entering my childhood residence that accounted for my first ever dental filling. What a legacy!

There are loads of things from my childhood era that I would love to make a come-back. Not so much the TV programmes or cartoons - I have a lot of DVD/videos of those but mainly toys and games.

For example, Big Yellow Teapot. My friend had one of those and I coveted it. However I had a Lights Alive and she coveted that so we were even. Another favourite of mine was the Space Ball, I had hours of practice in on my one and could easily (and happily) bounce my way around places. Coming in close was my Roller Boots. It was very much a case of "have boots, will travel".

While I'm on the travel theme I really have to mention bikes. For me and my peers that was our main mode of transport. My best childhood friend had a BMX and it was fantastic his was like the one in the picture there that has plastic in place of spokes. I had various hand-me-down bikes then got my very own brand new Mountain Bike (can't find a good link). It had 5 gears and I thought it was the best present ever. Another friend used to collect Choppers, that was when we got a bit older (not necessarily wiser).

Lego was a firm favourite and lots of happy times were found in the bottom of the lego storage crates of me and my best friend. My friend had the Lights and Sound lego which I was never allowed to get but I had the Space sets which he wasn't allowed to get. My total inability to do jigsaws was what led to lego entering my life and I never looked back.

I could just go on and on and on but I feel that I should quit while I'm ahead. Just before I do sign off I'm just going to mention a few 'fashion disasters' that may have occurred.

Somewhere there is in existence a photograph of me taken in around 1987. In that picture I am wearing jeans, tie-die tee shirt and white/green trainers with neon laces that were two different colours. Nice! Of course I also did the Bermuda Shorts (no good image of those either), Shell Suits and baseball caps thing. But some things are better to be left under a thick layer of dust in an attic.

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